A New Beginning

A new beginning, a plan, feeling joy and hope! On a new computer, just learning its ways. Not sure how uploading of images will work. Today is a test of that function. If all goes well, we are in working order. If not, will have to find out reasons and correct something.

Above is from a happy time some years ago, visiting two of my (grown) children, touring Hakone Gardens, California. Flew into San Jose, stayed in Cupertino, California. Above, looking upward through a grove of bamboo trees… savoring the outdoor world, the family togetherness, and most of all the beauty the Creator has given us all. 🙂


Published by

The Human

Am the human living in a household doing the bidding of two cats, Munchkin and Henry. When they are sleeping and don't need my care and loving touches, my time is filled with sewing, reading, studying various languages, taking photographs, using the computer, and looking for new things to learn.

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