Hot day in Tucson! Noon is 92 degrees F. May get to 109. Yikes! As they say, “it’s a dry heat!” as if that will make it seem less unbearable. lol     Next couple of days may be even “warmer.” Thinking about frying an egg on the sidewalk later on, to see what really happens.

Picture is Miss Munchkin just waking up from a nap. She rests her head on the keyboard which is not hooked up and uses her paws on the keys. She is a bit groggy, so not smiling 🙂


Published by

The Human

Am the human living in a household doing the bidding of two cats, Munchkin and Henry. When they are sleeping and don't need my care and loving touches, my time is filled with sewing, reading, studying various languages, taking photographs, using the computer, and looking for new things to learn.

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