Hope springs eternal is an ancient saying, nevertheless true.  Today’s photo illustrates, to me, hope fulfilled. For the seven years living here, have gazed every morning at this young saguaro cactus as it grew taller and rounder. Saguaro live a one-hundred years or more, so their maturity is slow in coming. This year it produced blossoms for the first time! Long and slowly it waited… and now it is reaching adulthood! All life contains hope. People sometimes make hope more difficult to find. People are complicated creatures… minds, thoughts, emotions pull us here and there. Someone very close to me changed slowly and beautifully years ago by “training” the mind. She spoke not much about this, yet changes were obvious… strength, calmness, thinking things out before acting, before even speaking. Peace fills her. Am at the beginnings of following a course on being mindful. It is not religion based, though is completely compatible with religious belief… because it is not a belief system, but a way to harness one’s mind to be able to live a more calm, more thoughtful, and in the end, a more peaceful life. This post is evidence of my hope for a more calm, life, lived from within my mind… yet following all the beliefs of my heart and soul. Wishing you hope and peace, always.DSC_0564

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The Human

Am the human living in a household doing the bidding of two cats, Munchkin and Henry. When they are sleeping and don't need my care and loving touches, my time is filled with sewing, reading, studying various languages, taking photographs, using the computer, and looking for new things to learn.

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