Needless, Violence without Reason

Very recently, a lovely young lady entering adulthood with dreams of a beautiful life. She thought she had found true love and was loved in return. Her love was an older person. It soon became apparent that the older person was obsessed with the young lady and wanted to control her every move and moment. The young lady trusted people with an open heart. When circumstances caused the young lady to spend less time with the older person, that person became enraged, kidnapped (not for ransom) the young lady as she left work one evening, took her to a house she knew was empty of people for a few days… and tortured the young lady while holding her captive for two days. When the young lady was finally found, she was taken to a hospital by the police where forensics personnel kept her three hours taking pictures and documenting every bruise on her body, head to foot, and the cuts inside her mouth. If there were other injuries, do not know about them. The older person fled with police chasing behind and crashed the car while trying to escape. That person is now in a custody and under observation for possible mental problems. The house where this abomination occurred is owned by the parents of the older person. They came back from a few days away to find blood everywhere in the house which shocked them totally. They had no idea the older person was “like this.” The young lady is now in the loving care of her mother and grandmother. After a few days of stomach trouble, today she was able to hold down a bit of soup. She is in great pain, for which the doctors gave her medications along with medications to help heal her injuries. Have taken pictures of the young lady in the past… she is beautiful in body and heart. Today received pictures of her current appearance and injuries… hard to believe that this battered person is the same young lady. Cried for hours after receiving the news. i rarely weep due to meds. Cannot get the ache out of my heart.  The young lady has a life in her womb, early months, and baby and young lady are not in life threatening conditions, thanks be to the Creator. But she will never be the same open-hearted, caring, trusting young lady looking forward to the future. This happened in an area where such things just do not happen. Irrational violence (and what violence is not irrational) can happen anywhere, by anyone, to anyone, without provocation, without reason, more and more in this world. Am writing this to try to clear my mind. Cannot go to sleep yet, fearing bad dreams, praying, but not able to get the image of my dear, young friend out of my mind and heart. I pray that all of you never have to be affected in any way by violence, directly or indirectly. It is unfair… but who ever said that life was fair. Having a strong faith, whatever that faith is, can help. Having true friends can help. Using words of caring and love instead of words of hate and discrimination can help. We can all help make this world a better place to be by our caring attitudes, loving one another. Treasure true friends and (try to) love enemies of peace and harmony. Have a good night, be well and live happily.

Published by

The Human

Am the human living in a household doing the bidding of two cats, Munchkin and Henry. When they are sleeping and don't need my care and loving touches, my time is filled with sewing, reading, studying various languages, taking photographs, using the computer, and looking for new things to learn.

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