Getting going again…

20170618_114239(0)Henry the Cat is unsure about this new phone/camera. He turns away from the large camera. Maybe he is less skittish because he can see my face as opposed t black thing which hides it. He sat still for several shots. Munchkin is sleeping on her crinkle bed.20170612_170627Am still learning to use the phone camera, so this shot is not too clear. Focusing is a challenge, only had camera for a few days. Not all posts will be about the cats. Just whatever comes into my scatter brain. By time to think about what to write here, am planning to make a habit of it. If you read anything posted here, it would be good to know about you or your thoughts or your website. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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The Human

Am the human living in a household doing the bidding of two cats, Munchkin and Henry. When they are sleeping and don't need my care and loving touches, my time is filled with sewing, reading, studying various languages, taking photographs, using the computer, and looking for new things to learn.

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