DSC_0687Fernanda is a 3-year-old bundle of energy! Her mind/body seem to be wired for speed!  She is also very verbal. Fun little girl! Took pictures of her last night, playing catch-me-if-you-can. Got a few cute ones that are not blurred with motion, will post when ‘puter is adjusted for such activity.

A New Beginning

A new beginning, a plan, feeling joy and hope! On a new computer, just learning its ways. Not sure how uploading of images will work. Today is a test of that function. If all goes well, we are in working order. If not, will have to find out reasons and correct something.

Above is from a happy time some years ago, visiting two of my (grown) children, touring Hakone Gardens, California. Flew into San Jose, stayed in Cupertino, California. Above, looking upward through a grove of bamboo trees… savoring the outdoor world, the family togetherness, and most of all the beauty the Creator has given us all. 🙂


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has viewed this blog as it slowly develops. For the last few days have been sleeping a lot due to medications. It is early Tuesday January 26 as i write this. Today am sharing a photo from about 10 years ago when i lived in northern Illinois. It is a snow scene taken after the snow had stopped falling and the sky was bright. The thing i like best about it is that none of the new-fallen snow had been disturbed… pristine snow is soooo beautiful! There is no snow where i a living now, so the memory warms my heart. Also, am happy that now there is no snow here to be shoveled! Hope you enjoy the photo. Am planning to write daily from now on, God willing.

Henry the Cat

Henry the Cat is protecting “his” book. His book just happens to be in my study space. He protects the whole area; therefore, cannot tidy the table or study. He loves the book (or anything i am reading, for that matter.) There are cat treats on the table in case he gets hungry. He is most comfortable there, so will let him be. Soon enough he will have to stand up to stretch, get a drink of water, and go to a comfy place to take a nice, long nap. But until he does, the book is his.

Sunset in Tucson

Beautiful sunsets abound everywhere, marking the cessation of daylight and the beginning of nighttime. Tucson is no exception. Two days ago, on a day in which i was not able to go out of my home, the changing sky caught my eye more than usual and caused a desire to take photographs. Not being out and about, tried taking pictures of the sky with my little camera – through my window!  Was unsure about how that would work, but lo and behold, some satisfying pictures came to be. Here is later in the sunset… sunlight appears from the south (as i am looking east), illuminating the the ethereal cloud image with color. The moon is near setting also. A tree branch appears to be trying to touch the moon. Taking photos is fun. Sharing them is most satisfying. Hope you have had a nice day!


Winter is cold this year!

Folks in the United States think of Arizona as a place to go to escape cold winters. This year is a bit of an exception to that expectation. Temperatures have been below “normal”, dropping into the 30’s (degrees F.) frequently. Usually, in January, we in Tucson, expect at least some warm and sunny days. This year there have been almost no warm days (70 degrees) and at night, occasional hard frosts have hit desert plants hard.
The cold winter was expected this year due to El Niño in the Pacific Ocean. Every fourth year, it brings cold weather. Tucson is still beautiful with some sunny days! On one of those days, i took a walk with my camera in hand. This picture is of some plants nearby… a “pruned to be pretty shrub” backed by wild, flowering plants emerging from the wash below.