A new beginning…

A new beginning can commence at any time. A new direction to follow is a gift, an opportunity. Photography, part of my life on and off since i was ten, has become a mood-lifting, exciting, positive motivator in my life! For the holidays, i purchased a compact, inexpensive camera which is proving to be quite easy to use with more capabilities yet to be learned. Am part of a photo community site, which is quite exciting, also. Goal is just to take acceptable photographs and moving to more artistic photos.

When one is mostly house-bound, photography offers the opportunity to explore nearby areas, look for small beauties often only glanced at, and make memories of their loveliness. Have never posted a photo on a blog previously, so may blunder along, but will not give up!

The photo shown is the view from my apartment. The large tree is about 70 feet away and the mountain is far away. This is part of the desert vista where i live… the tree has small, green, feathery leaves as is common here is Tucson. Every morning i gaze at the sky with its varied rays of light and at the mountain which may be touching clouds or may be brightly colored by the morning light. The sky is ever changing in the winter and holds many beautiful sights. Hope you enjoy this modest photo. Have a peaceful day.



Creativity or how “Coyotes?” came to be

What is creativity? The making, the doing?
To a degree… production is part of creativity,
the evidence of creativity.
Creativity begins in the brain, in thoughts, in envisioning the creation. In that, there is some fulfillment… the thoughts of what could exist in the outer world. Sometimes the thought is fulfilling enough, satisfying in itself. How beautiful is the satisfaction of creative thought!  Others may say, “She is so full of thoughts, but never ‘does’ anything. How useless!” Aha… they don’t know… one thought leads to another… small and great things can be envisioned in the mind… the steps to creating them flowing on brain waves toward fulfillment.

The end-product, the external, created product, whether it be philosophy, an art work, a day’s toil… can be fulfilling to the thinker, the doer, though the onlooker may see naught of beauty or worth. If the created product is important enough, is worth the risk of rejection, the thinker may act confidently!

This morning I took the risk! Putting my thoughts in a bit of poetry of sorts on my blog. A sound awoke my cats and myself suddenly… the sound of a pack of coyotes in pursuit of prey. An unsettling, inharmonious chorus of excitement during the short, very short, chase. The cats did not relax right away when the sudden silence of the coyote’s fulfillment occurred. It was after much petting and many soft words that the cats were soothed, knew that they were safe, that the danger had passed.

My mind began spinning when I awoke to the harsh
sound. My heart beat quickly… a natural, inherent reaction of the body. To calm myself, my thoughts gathered to tame the occurrence by thinking of the event and its meaning, its purpose. “Nature will have its way. Life must go on. All creatures need sustenance.” By ordering thoughts and words, my mind was soothed. (Petting and loving my cats helped, also.) I can change my outlook, but cannot change the cycle of life here in Arizona, USA.

Hello, everyone,

The content of this blog will be whatever is on my mind – a story i read, a book, art, music, anything in nature, anything that i think is of interest; yet first it must interest me so that i have something to share about it. Suggest topics, if you would. Be frank. This is my first endeavor writing for others to read.